Why should I use AGNT?

Event Organizers

AGNT is the easiest and most secure way to find the perfect DJ for any event. We bring together thousands of DJs that fit any style, budget, or event, and handle every stage of the booking process, so all you have to do is find the DJ that’s right for you. And with secure payments and a verified review system, you also get peace of mind with every booking.

Organizer key benefits:

    • Incredibly simple booking process
    • Fully customizable search filters
    • Verified reviews & ratings for all DJs
    • Secure, automated payment system
    • Integrated chat for instant communication
    • Advanced event management tools



AGNT provides unparalleled access to new gigs and opportunities no matter what level you’re at. Our platform allows you to promote yourself to a huge pool of organizers, and proactively apply to open events in any city. And with AGNT, you never have to worry about getting burned by shady organizers; our secure payment system ensures you always get paid for your efforts.

Artist key benefits:

    • Gain access to new gigs
    • Platform for self-promotion
    • Built-in music player for all your mixes
    • Never get burned with guaranteed payments
    • Instant fee negotiations
    • Intuitive gig management tools




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