What is AGNT extortion policy?

To share and comment with reviews once an Event is completed will allow you to post your review to the entire AGNT community. Our expectation is that each review accurately documents the Artist and Organizers true and honest opinions following each event, and that these reviews fall within the Content Guidelines provided to you. Any misappropriation of reviews, which intentionally pressures the affiliated party, will result in an immediate account audit and review; furthermore, a decision made by our moderators may lead to termination of all accounts and relationships with AGNT.


This is not limited to the following:


    • Artists and Organizers are not to collude with one another in order fabricate false reviews, in exchange for compensation, ratings, or reciprocal reviews.
    • Artists and Organizers may not use violence or threats to exploit the other party for positive reviews and star ratings.
    • Every attempt by both parties to utilize a conflict resolution process in order to remedy a problem should be done first and foremost before a negative review is submitted. Both parties should look to maintain an equitable relationship where the other party does not feel pressured to act in a manner, which alludes to positive reviews being provided as compensation to solve and issue.
    • Additional Fee’s may not be used to compensate the Artist for a positive review, this goes for all compensation in exchange for positive reviews is strictly prohibited.


AGNT community an inclusive environment, our goal is to help support your industry within a free marketplace, where all community members feel free to grow their business and master their craft. All Artists’ and Organizers of AGNT are obligated to manage their business within the guidelines provided to you, where we are help accountable for one another’s actions and each transaction is transparent and honest. To post a review you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Content Guidelines of AGNT; therefore, if you feel you are a victim of extortion, please follow up at info@agnt.com.

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