How do I tell if an artist is available for my event?

iOS App:


To view an Artist's availability, navigate to the AGNT feed by hitting the [INSERT AGNT ICON] icon located on the bottom menu panel. Click on the Artist you are interested in to view their profile. Scroll down to Booking Info and hit View Calendar next to the Availability line. This will bring up the Artist's calendar, which shows their availability. Dates that they are unavailable will be blocked off in grey, dates for which they are commited to an event will show a solid teal ring around them, and dates for which they have pending booking request will show a dotted teal ring around them. Dates with no markers indicate when the artist is available to be booked for new requests.  




Click on AGNT located at the lop left of your window. Once on the main page Search by Artist or Genre, Available On, and End Date (optional). Double click on date options to enter calendar selection window.

  • NOTE: Select your location at the top header of the window by typing in the specific destination where you would like the event location search to begin.

Once you have selected the appropriate Artist, on the main profile page you will locate a calendar which will let an organizer know what day's the Artist is available for bookings.


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