What is the service fee?

Service fees are charges paid by the organizer on each booking request. They help cover the costs of running our platform and ensure we can provide the best possible experience for all users. The service fee typically falls within 3%-10% of the total booking cost (before fees and taxes), but can vary depending on specifics of the booking request. The fee will also be on the lower end of the range for booking requests with higher subtotals, in an effort to help users save money.

 Booking cancellations and changes:

  • If the organizer cancels a booking request, the service fee will not be refunded regardless of which cancellation policy has been established for the booking.
  • If the artist cancels the booking request, the service fee will not be charged to the organizer.
  • If specifics about booking request is changed, the service fee will be adjusted to match the modified booking’s new subtotal.
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