How do you rank artists?

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AGNT uses a verified review system to help create a positive, transparent, and reliable experience for every user. 


Reviews occur after every gig booked through AGNT. Once the event has concluded, the Organizer is asked to rate the artist, giving them 0-5 stars. There's also space to write a short review for the Artist, where the Organizer can offer constructive criticism, recap the experience, or recommend the Artist to other Organizers.  Conversely, Artists are asked to rate the Organizer that booked them (0-5 stars) and to leave a short review for them as well. 


A user's overall rank is calculated using the average of all their star ratings. Your individual Reliability rating will be an average of all ratings your AGNT profile has received, and will be visible to all users. Higher ranked users will be more visible within more searches. And don't worry if your rank isn't has high as you'd like; you can improve with each and every interaction and booking you complete within the app. 

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