Messaging Guidelines

AGNT's convenient and instant messaging feature is to help provide you direct contact to your Artist(s) or Organizer(s). Your messages are to follow AGNT Content Guidelines and are to uphold the Terms of Services of AGNT. Let us remind our users that all posts made within the messenger may not be deleted, please be mindful of your actions as trust and transparency shall be upheld.


Our features are not to be used to harm or harass one another, we will act forcefully and uphold No More Business Dealings (NBD) Guidelines; furthermore, we will be impartial and take leadership when making recommendations to proceed with making the final decision when standing for the greater good of our community and terminate any and all accounts which violate this.


Furthermore, all personal commercial business unrelated to the purpose of requesting to book, or accept bookings to play at events unrelated to the agreed upon Type of Event is frowned upon. We hold the right to audit periodic accounts and messaging to uphold the highest levels of com pliancy within our community. For any questions regarding AGNT Guidelines or Terms of Service please contact

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