Respond to a booking request

View the booking request

When an organizer is interested in booking you, they will send you a booking request which appears in your inbox or "Your Bookings" area. Hit the ticket icon then select "More Details" to view all the relevant details pertaining to the event.


Accepting or declining the request

To respond to the request, you have a few options. If the request looks good and you want to accept the offer, simply hit the "Confirm" button. If you'd like to decline the request, hit the "Decline" button. To maintain a good relationship with the organizer, it's a good idea to explain why you've declined the booking request. 


Negotiating the terms

If you'd like to negotiate aspects of the request, go to the chat area and hit the negotiate button to send the organizer a counter-offer. Be sure to communicate with the organizer about the negotiation through the chat. You can also use the chat to discuss any other details before accepting the request. 




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