Booking an artist

Booking an artist is simple. Follow these easy steps to book the right artist for your event:

    1. Find an artist you like and click the "Request to Book" button in their profile.
    2. Select the event for which you want to book the DJ. To book the DJ for an event you have already created, click "Select an Event" and choose a time slot and an event for the DJ to fill. If you don't have an existing event, click the "Create a new event" button, and create a new one. 
    3. Once you have selected an event and a time slot for the DJ, input an offer under "Booking Information". The input field will display a fee range which has been set by the DJ; you can offer any figure within that range. 
    4. If there are any other fees associated with your event, input them in the "Additional Fees" section. These additional fees could be costs related to travel or equipment.
    5. Click "Next" to review your booking request. When you're satisfied with all the information, click "Send Request" and it will be sent to the artist. The artist will be able to review the request, and can either accept or negotiate details such as price and additional costs. 

Additionally, if you'd like to talk to the DJ about details of the event or if you want to just say hi, send them a message in the "Introduce Yourself" section. 



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