How do reviews work?

iOS App:


AGNT allows for Artists and Organizers to provide Written Reviews, along with the completion on an event an overall star rating. Artists and Organizers can view their star ratings on their profile page when they tap the Profile icon [Insert Profile Icon] at the bottom of your AGNT dock of your mobile app window.


To see all reviews of your account profile:


  1. Tap on the View All selection to see a detailed view of your personal ratings by date.


Artists and Organizers can give ratings on:


    • Overall Experience. What was your Artist(s) or Organizers overall experience?
    • Communication. How clear was the communication before and during the event dates?
    • Convenience. Do you feel that the experience was comfortable and accommodating?
    • Accuracy. Before and during the event how accurately did your requests get satisfied?
    • Value. Did you feel that your client exceeded your expectations and added value?
    • Transportation. Were your transportation needs met?
    • Location. How did destination meet your expectations?
    • Rider. Was the rider within reasonability and were the requests met?
    • Quality. Do you believe that the skill level of the Artist or Organizer exceeded your expectations?
    • Equipment. Did the event provide acceptable equipment to meet your rider?


With each review being unique to your profile, upon completion of an Event date the review requirements will trigger, which only allows you to book your next gig upon completion of a star rating and written review. Within your profile you’ll be able to review your ratings; furthermore, reviews will help to critique your business and help you continue to improve your craft. All contributions are to be appropriate and relevant where they address the core of the Artist and Organizers experience. Reviews are not to rant about business ideologies, uncontrollable circumstances, political view, or matters outside of the business relationship, so please be unbiased and objective.


AGNT will utilize you ratings and provide a collective rating of your star responses and reliability results. Review the bottom of your profile page and our recommended criteria will allow Artist’s and Organizers to build up their collective rates by completing a greater number of gigs.

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