How do I search for a specific type of artist?

iOS App:


AGNT allows you to use filters to help fine-tune your search so you can more easily find the right DJ for your event. The filters allow you to narrow your search based on price range, genre, event type, artist name, distance, and availability.  


There are a few ways you can filter your search to find a specific type of artist: 

  • Tap the AGNT Icon [INSERT AGNT ICON] to go to the feed. Tap the Search Icon [INSERT SEARCH ICON] at the top right corner to bring up the search box. Here you can type in a genre type or event type to search for DJs that specifically cater to that style. You can also input a DJ's name to see if they're available.
  • To search by price, distance, and availability, tap the "More Filters" button at the top of the feed. Here you can use the sliders to set your own price range and distance radius, and set specific dates to search DJs available only during that time frame. 
  • The tabs at the top of the feed allow you to quickly search through DJs for more generic purposes. Swipe to the right to see DJs available for "This Weekend" or "Tonight". Swipe to the left to see the "My Favorites" tab, where all the artists you've favorited will be archived. You can also swipe further to the "Recommended" tab to see artists AGNT has curated for you that may suit your interests. 




Click on AGNT located at the lop left of your window. Once on the main page Search by Artist or Genre, Available On, and End Date (optional). Double click on date options to enter calendar selection window.

  • NOTE: Select your location at the top header of the window by typing in the specific destination where you would like the event location search to be
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