How do I view the technical requirements for an artist?

iOS App:


The Artist’s technical requirements (i.e. their “rider”) refer to the equipment they require for their set. The most common requirements are turntables, CDJ, a mixer, and monitors, but can also extend to things like microphones, wifi, and a laptop stand. 


The technical requirements are listed in the artist’s profile under Equipment. Each icon represents a specific component, and the number of that component the artist requires. For more details, simply click any icons for an expanded list view. 




To view Technical Requirements (Tech Rider) for Artists use the next steps as follows:


  1. Click on AGNT located at the lop left of your window. Once on the main page Search by Artist or Genre, Available On, and End Date (optional). Double click on date options to enter calendar selection window.
  2. Once your desired Artist is located, continue down the Artist Profile page to view Equipment where the technical requirements for each gig will be displayed making up their technical requirements for your event.

NOTE: All additional technical requirements may be negotiated over Direct Message located under the About list. Once terms have been negotiated all Additional Fee's (Travel Costs or Equipment Fees) may be added under the Booking Request.

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