How do I add a payout method?

AGNT currently offers artists the ability to sync their bank account with their AGNT account to receive payouts. Please follow these simple steps below: 

  1. Go to your artist account settings and select "Payout Methods". There you will be prompted to fill out your banking information. 
  2. Select your country. (Note: AGNT only supports the U.S. and Canadian bank accounts)
  3. Fill out your banking information by using the information from a check to enter your ACH/direct deposit routing number and account number. See check examples below. 
  4. Once complete, you will receive two small amounts in your bank account. 
  5. Enter those two small amounts in the "Payout Methods" area to verify your bank account with AGNT. (Note: They are in a specific order, so please try inputting the amounts into each field to find the right order)
  6. Once verified, your bank account will now be in sync with your AGNT account and you'll be ready to receive payments!


U.S. Check Example: 


Canadian Check Example:


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    Tyrone Jermaine

    Hi! I signed up my bank account about a week ago and haven't received any payments yet to verify. How long does it usually take to process? And if an organizer has sent me money is it in limbo until I get my account verified? I assume it'll payout as soon as it's verified.